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Being productive on a daily basis is important if you would like to achieve your goals in personal and business life. Use of the best daily planners can be of great help to hack productivity. It’s all about recognizing the most important things you need done on any given day of the week, coming up with your to-do list where every task is allocated time. When you wake up in the morning, you know exactly how the personal and work schedule you have for the day looks like. You never have to waste time thinking about what you should be doing next because the planning has been done in advance. What remains is to complete and check off every task from your daily schedule. That frees a lot of time as well as space in your mind which makes it possible to complete more work in a timely manner.


Highly effective people that get more accomplished on every single day get and stay organized with their planners. Paper planners have been around probably since when people learned how to write on paper. Today you can choose a wide variety of planners that may include undated daily planner, daily hourly planner, daily planner journal, daily appointment planner and so on. They also come in different sizes and designs with some allowing many ways of customizing them to suite personal needs and preferences. At the same time, digital planners are also increasingly becoming popular with many people since they can easily find them as apps to install in smartphones. The digital planners and organizers promise great ease of use and convenience, but it’s mostly the tech savvy users figure out how to fully take advantage of what they offer.


Although the most important thing is to make sure you get in the habit of planning your daily tasks, you may still wonder whether a paper planner or a digital one would be the best for you. The best choice may actually depend on a lot of factors. Everyone can easily learn how to use the paper based planners as they just provide pages where you can write down and organize your work. But if you are not familiar or comfortable with digital technologies, you may have some challenges in learning how to use a digital personal organizer. If you are passionate enough though, it doesn’t take a lot of efforts to learn how they work.


Unlike organizer apps, daily planners made of paper provide a physical memory that many people prefer. It’s something you can see and touch, so the connection is deeper and whatever you write down is not likely to be forgotten. But apps for daily planning also make use of reminders so you are notified when to perform your tasks or attend any events. The downside of having too many reminders is that they distract you, unlike a paper planner that only you can remember to check the tasks. Paper makes the process of planning more creative since you write exactly where you need to, but digital planners are programmed and there is nothing you can change from their designs.


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