Best Songs to Use in a Marriage Proposal

Have you ever wondered which is the best song to listen while you are proposing to your partner? Playing a good song while you are proposing to your partner could be a very good choice because it can relax both sides and make proposing moments even better.

If you know to play some instrument, maybe you could propose your partner with a song. That could be really nice! There are a lot of creative solutions for this type of event. Of course, you need to pay attention to other things like the ring, the place where you are going to propose to your partner etc. In the end of this article, we will help you about the ring and the best song for this.

Let’s get back to our topic! The Trent Online has published an article about which romantic songs would be appropriate to use in a marriage proposal. Also, you can play each song on this page, to see if you like it.

11 Romantic Songs To Use In A Marriage Proposal (VIDEOS)

When I proposed to Lyndsie, I went through a ton of different songs to use in a marriage proposal and that got me thinking, what about the readers? If you’re planning on proposing, why not look through a list of the very best songs to use in a marriage proposal that will describe your love perfectly? Take a look girlies, this list is pretty amazing and wouldn’t you want to share this with your partner?


This is of course one of the top songs to use in a marriage proposal because the words are absolutely incredible. Not only does this describe a marriage beautifully, but it’s such an amazing song that can be used to propose to your partner and to describe your relationship perfectly. Read the full artcile here.

Now, when you chose a proper music song for your event you need to pay attention to other important details like buying a proper ring. Playing the best song couldn’t help you if you bought her a wrong ring. So, before you buy it, you need to see which type of rings she likes, find out her ring size etc. The Plunge site has published an article about this subject.


Four days. Your girlfriend has been looking forward to four days–and, arguably, maybe a few more–her entire life: 1) her wedding; 2) becoming a mother; 3) an event that already happened with some other dude in high school or college; and 4) the engagement proposal. Let’s focus on #4. The proposal matters. And you know this. In fact, you’re probably over-thinking it, sweating it, getting paranoid.

If you’re like most guys, you’re having some version of the following inner-monologue: “Okay, this proposal thing needs to be romantic, but I don’t wanna be some damn cheeseball. Should I do it in public? Yeah. Yeah. That’ll make it memorable. Wait, but then I’ll be the mope on one knee in a restaurant asking her to marry me, and what if she says no? And what about the engagement ring, should I hide the son of a bitch? And what are the 49ers going to do with their first-round draft pick? The O-Line could use a little–[etc, etc, mind wandering, interest in subject exhausted].” Read the full artcile here. 

Let’s imagine this situation. You are proposing to your partner with this halo setting scalloped pave split shank band round diamond engagement ring and in the background, you are listening to Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud. Isn’t this beautiful? Yes, it is.

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