Deal With Dog Ear Infections The Natural Way

Your dog is your companion. It shows you love and you have a friend to turn up to when you are down. The least you can do for your dog is mind its welfare. Many think that feeding the dog is perfect. Well, it’s not, dealing with pain and discomforts that face the dog is a nice way to reciprocate. One of the most common disease that will make your dog irritated or agitated is the ear infection. The itchiness will make the dog do a lot of ear scratching and head shaking. These infections come as a result of unhealthy environment, allergies, mite invasion, fungal growth and poor hygiene. There are some home remedies proven fit for suppressing the bacteria action in the ears preventing infections. If you can apply them, your dog will be safe. Don’t forget about the dog ear drops for infections. They are number one in the list.

Warm compresses do work

If you notice some mild symptoms of ear infections on your dog, you don’t have to go rushing to the vet. You can treat that as a DIY and your dog will be cured. Warm compresses are home remedies that many use to clean the outer dog’s ears. A dog towel is to be used here. Soak it in warm water and then squeeze out the water. With that wet towel, press the dog’s ears gently. Repeat the same procedure severally every day. The ear infection will be suppressed. Pain, inflammation, redness and irritation are symptoms that will disappear in no time.

Garlic and cloves help

dog_ear_dropsUnless in situations where the ear infection is severe, always feel free to try some of the simple home remedies that work. Am sure nobody can neglect their dog to the level that surgery is recommended to cure ear infections. To control things in mild ear infections situation, your olive oil and garlic paste can help a great deal. Just mix cloves to the olive oil and leave the mixture to steep for two weeks. You can then strain it and obtain the extract. Three drops of the extract poured on the dog’s ear will help heal the infection with time. Continue with application until a time when you see no more signs. Dog ear drops for infection is basically made of these active ingredients.

White vinegar drops

Mix your vinegar with water. Make sure that you put enough vinegar to dry out the water content. If by any chance the water is still present in the final drops, the drop can suffer from irritation. Also, ensure that the drops are at room temperature by the time you are dropping them down the dog’s ears. If the drops are cool, your dog can experience additional pain.

There are very many other home remedies for ear infections in dogs. These includes almond oil, cod liver oil and mullein. If these don’t work, dog ear drops for infections won’t fail you. Go for them.

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