If you plan on visiting the Australian state of Victoria and its beautiful capital Melbourne, you should not miss the opportunity of reserving at least a couple of days in order to explore its main attraction, the Great Ocean Road. This breathtaking coastal tour combines massive cliffs, lush temperate rainforests, towering rock stacks, tranquil bays, mesmerizing ocean scenery, as well as coastal villages full of intriguing and mysterious history.

This gorgeous stretch of scenery winds its way right along the beautiful coastline of South-West Victoria, from Nelson in the west to Geelong in the east. The area between Apollo Bay and Lorne is rightfully considered as the most picturesque. Because of it, the Great Ocean Road ranks among the world’s most unique and scenic coastal drives. Along the way, tourists can expect to see and experience a number of magnificent views, including the Twelve Apostles rock formation, the Bells Beach on the Surf Coast, the Yarra Valley Tour, the Otway rainforest, and more.


Along the way, you will also have a great opportunity to visit popular coastal resort towns, such as Lorne, Torquay and Apollo Bay. In addition, you will be also in a position to visit coastal cities Warrnambool and Geelong, as well as historic villages such as Portland. Port Fairy, Port Campbell, and Queens cliff.

If that is not enough, you will also have ample opportunity to extend and expand your tour experience by taking a detour inland to the amazing Goldfields and Grampians National Park. Furthermore, you can continue across the western border of Victoria and into South Australia, as well as explore the Mornington and Bellarine peninsulas, or visit Port Phillip Bay.

As we have mentioned, popular Melbourne Tours will allow you to visit a number of beautiful locations, some of which we will describe in greater detail below.


This small town of around 11.000 people, was founded in 1834, by the Henty brothers. The town is well-known for its great number of well-maintained private residences and heritage buildings. When in Portland, make sure to visit the Maritime Discovery Centre, so as to learn about the town’s long seafaring history. Also, remember to visit its waterfront, as it is bustling with commercial activity.


Many consider Apollo Bay as a paradise by the sea, and rightfully so. The town boasts a wide, crescent-shaped beach, a relaxed lifestyle, gorgeously green Otway Hills, waterfalls, state and national parks, and an abundance of flora and fauna. The beach at Apollo Bay is full of activities throughout the entire year. Here, you can opt to kayak with the local seals, swim in the crystal clear sea waters, surf, go deep-sea fishing, or even take a relaxing horse ride along the beach.


The town of Anglesea is undoubtedly among the most popular tourist destinations, mainly because of its bush land, scenic beaches and coastal scenery, as well as rich wildlife. Anglesea is located beside the Anglesea River, and its main beach is the best choice when it comes to surfing, swimming, and simply relaxing. This town and its surroundings are also great for exploration too. Therefore, do not hesitate to take a 35 km Surf Coast Walk, which will take you through the town, as well as reedy wetlands full of birdlife.


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