Stress Caused By Hoarding Habits In People Of Venezuela

Previously Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America. But now it has become an averse test site for how much social and economic stress a nation can take before it’s descended in to complete chaos. One of the reason for stress in the people of Venezuela is due to their hoarding habits.

For many years people have suffered through the problems of shortages of food, consumer goods and medicines. But now hoarding is another problem that is bringing stress and anxiety into the people living here.

Address Our Mess has written this thought-provoking post at about the effects your hoarding can have on your kids:

Effects of Hoarding on Children

January 14th, 2015
by Address Our Mess

Hoarders Children and How Hoarding Effects Them

Effects Of Hoarding On ChildrenA hoarding situation can effect not just the hoarder themselves, but the people and loved ones that surround them as well. Often, the quietest member of that group and who has the least amount of say in that situation is children. Many hoarders have children, and their habitat of holding onto different types of items can dramatically affect the smallest members of their family. All of this can result in the harm and even possible loss of the children.
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Hoarding of different nature have caused many problems for the people. Even the borders of Colombia and Brazil with Venezuela were closed because traders were accused of hoarding currency into these countries. This caused people unable to purchase the goods that were available in the market. Hoarding caused looting and rebellions in the city.

Hoarding habit is also causing anger, depression and umbrage problems among the family members of Venezuela. It is also effecting the children’s social development.

Its not just the children who are effected by hoarding, but families suffer because of it too. The same idea is being conveyed in this post written by Luke Armstrong at

The Effects Of Hoarding On Children And Families

Hoarding creates dangerous and unhealthy living conditions within the home and if the individual who struggles with hoarding lives with children or family members, the consequences of hoarding can have major effects for them as well. Excessive hoarding creates unsanitary living conditions and children who live with parents that hoard are more vulnerable to possible disease or injury from these conditions. In these cases, the children may have to initiate the hoarding cleaning and recovery process so that the home can be restored for the good of the family.

The Psychological Impact Of Hoarding
Hoarding is a mental disorder that often starts out minor and gradually develops into a severe inability to throw anything away. When parents suffer from this disorder, it can have a psychological effect on the children as well. Children of hoarders may have a difficult time understanding why their parents hoard and living in a cluttered, unsanitary home can also take its toll when they realize they are not living in a “normal” home. Approaching a hoarder to clean out their home is a delicate matter but the situation can be even more sensitive when there are also children involved.

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Hoarding habit is making the financial problems worse for the people here. The dearth of functional living area is creating dangerous and unhealthy living situation for the people living. People are experiencing stress due to their hoarding habits that’s making their current living state more difficult.

FOX 4 Now has uploaded this alarming video about the effects of hoarding:

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