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Article Marketing

This is an ancient method that has been assumed to be extinct but recent research has found out that it is existent. Research has been done online and in cyber cafes and it has been found to be actively in use for link building. This is where articles are written by article writers and then they are posted on sites such as Ezine articles and Article base among many others. The authors may be article writers or content creators with the intention of having the links to their blogs on the articles too. The results have been tremendous with more clicks on the given links to the blogs and websites of the writers. This has proven that the method is still in use as much as the people want others to believe that this method is no longer active. The rate at which the blog and website owners experience an increase in the number of visitation is a likely indication that the method is still used by many and is not becoming extinct in the near future. The saying that, ‘Old habits die hard’ is true in this case. You can learn hot to promote your website like a real pro.

The Use of Link Bait

Another method of building a link is by the use of link bait. This is the method where one has content on their website and then it attracts or interests other readers. This leads to them, wanting to link themselves to the content. The content may be related to their area of interest as in their blog or it may be an interesting content that they may want to be associated with. It may also be that they don’t have rights to the content so they prefer to be associated with it. This can be in the form of a video upload or widgets. Someone may upload a video that is of relevance to content from their blogs or website. This method is also relevant and does not have any doubts in the process of link building. Here are some interesting facts about seo web elements.


This is the simplest method of building back links. Blogs are a favorite of Google ranks since one can constantly update information on their blog. A blog is constantly being updated with relevant content as long as the contributor keeps on researching. They keep on updating the blog with current information about the niche that the blog is based on. During the updates, there arises the need to include other relevant links in order to give the blog more weight on current matters and research. Therefore one ends up gradually building up a link. You should definitely also pay an attention to this local ppc tutorial.

Press Releases

Press releases can be an effective method of link building. This is because when one releases the news, there are back links that are likely to be associated with the information. This leads to a buildup of back links. A single press release can easily lead to the building up of several back links associated with it.

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